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Welcome to the online press kit for PitchRate!

This is the online press kit for PitchRate.com ~ a free media tool that connects journalists with the highest rated experts.

A brainchild product of dotcom veteran, L. Drew Gerber, http://www.PitchRate.com is quickly becoming the media connection tool of choice. PitchRate.com's rating on http://www.Alexa.com indicates it's among the top sites within months of its launch, February 2009.

Gerber not only conceived of PitchRate, he also developed a publicity results training program http://www.PublicityResults.com with his PR team at Wasabi Publicity, Inc. http://www.wasabipublicity.com.

The Wasabi PR team is known for scoring national media coverage for clients tied to breaking news. They recently placed a client on Dr. Phil within eight hours of the client signing her contract. Their secret weapon? Online press kits.

PressKit 24/7 is a Web technology for creating online press kits spearheaded by Gerber, CEO of Wasabi and Blue Kangaroo, Inc. If you're doing PR, it's a must. Check it out at http://www.PressKit247.com. Search the database of press kits created by the Wasabi team at  http://www.SearchPressKits.com.

Gerber's business partner, Michelle Tennant Nicholson, has been called a "five star publicist" by a Good Morning America producer. She has 20 years experience doing PR, from typewriters to Twitter. She recently shared the stage with Jack Canfield at a book marketing event hosted by renowned publicist Arielle Ford. Her motto: "It's not just who you know, it's also who knows about you!" See her blog at http://www.StorytellerToTheMedia.com.

The team behind PitchRate is all about results. That's why the pitches are rated -- so you can cut the clutter and get to work!

Download a One Pager.

To contact a publicist for PitchRate.com please email ExpertForYou@gmail.com or call media hotline 828-749-3200.

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